Chachapacasset Street Homes

Chachapacasset Street Homes is the affordable component of a larger-scale market rate development. The affordable units included two homeownership opportunities targeted at households whose income did not exceed 120% AMI, as well as one rental home serving households at or below 80% AMI.

The project consists of one single-family home with three bedrooms; plus a multi-family home with a three-bedroom owner-occupied unit and a one-bedroom rental unit.

Project Information

Location: Barrington, RI

Completed: April 2021

Developer: SWAP (Stop Wasting Abandoned Property) Inc.

Project Architect: William Young

Project Builders: Stand Corporation

Number of Units: 3 new

Total Development Cost: $875,000

Funding Sources: RI Housing - Homeownership Investment Fund (HIF), BankRI