The Community Housing Land Trust

The Community Housing Land Trust of RI is a statewide non-profit membership program of the Housing Network of RI that serves homeowners, tenants and municipalities throughout Rhode Island. Its mission is to ensure a supply of permanently affordable housing for generations of Rhode Islanders in perpetuity. By safeguarding a pool of affordable homes that are held in trust or administered by the Community Housing Land Trust of RI, low and moderate income households will have access to decent affordable housing throughout the state well into the future. We work with many of the cities and towns to help them achieve the state required goal of 10% of the total housing stock as affordable. CHLT administers a CDBG revolving fund for property acquisition that creates affordable housing in non-entitlement municipalities.


Incorporated by the Network in January 2005, CHLT was the first statewide land trust in the country. It was created in part to support the Rhode Island Comprehensive Housing Production and Rehabilitation Act of 2004 that requires every municipality to provide for 10% of its housing stock as affordable to low and moderate income Rhode Islanders and the need to safeguard the affordability of those housing units. Additionally, CHLT was devised to “backstop” the administrative functions of community development corporations using the land trust model of ownership, with standardized documents and systems. In July 2010, CHLT was re-integrated into the Housing Network for greater efficiency and long term sustainability.

Municipal Partners:

CHLT has entered into agreements with most of Rhode Island’s 39 municipalities as part of their CDBG allocation (non-entitlement) to strengthen the infrastructure needed to protect the affordability of housing units across the state. Technical assistance to the communities has included the development of the Housing Resources Guide, the updated Model Ground Lease, and the Mobile Home Replacement Program.

Monitoring Services:

CHLT is one of a very few organizations to be certified by the State and Rhode Island Housing, the state housing finance agency, as a monitoring agent to ensure the long term affordability of housing units created as part of the State’s Comprehensive Housing Production and Rehabilitation Act of 2004.

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